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New White Paper: Comparing Security Options For Your Business

| May 22, 2019

We’re excited to release this free white paper: Comparing Security Options For Your Business.

If you’ve searched for answers to your security system questions online, you’ve probably seen many...

Stopping Transients In Their Tracks: A Case Study With Cannon Management

| May 21, 2019
“I remember coming here one weekend, and there were like 30 or 40 people camped out at my building.” — Peter Densmore, president of Cannon Management

Part of investing in a property is...

Why Remote Guarding Is So Effective

| May 14, 2019

If you've ever experienced a break-in or know someone who has, then you know how much it can set you back. Not only do you suddenly feel vulnerable and angry, but you also have to deal with the...

Evaluating The Electronic Future Of Guarding Service

| May 09, 2019
“With an e-guarding system, security staff have access to more site and system information than ever before, meaning more options for response.” — Electronic guards: The future of manned guarding?

What Is Remote Guarding? Q&A With AVS CEO, Mike Loumos

| May 07, 2019

Remember when surveillance videos were captured on VHS tape and resulted in fuzzy, black-and-white footage? Fortunately, technology has come a long way since then and the results we can get from...

When You Need Active Monitoring vs. Surveillance Cameras

| April 25, 2019

Preventing crime is a sticky situation. It's a balance between choosing the right tools and maintaining the right budget with the lowest amount of risk. So when you're deciding which route to...

Remote Guarding vs. Security Guards: What’s the Difference?

| April 23, 2019


Imagine how you'd feel if you showed up to work one day to find your office destroyed. Your walls are vandalized, your technology is stolen, and your employees are scared to come back.


How Analytics Add Power to Surveillance Cameras

| April 18, 2019
“We’re stopping crime daily.” — Mitch Stiltner, COO at Alpha Video Surveillance

When you think about surveillance videos, you might associate them with blurry scenes that you only review after a...

Pioneers in Remote Guard Systems: A Case Study with Holsum Lofts

| April 16, 2019

Photo credit: Holsum Lofts

Sometimes, our biggest challenge is simply getting stuck in a rut of doing something because it's the way we've always done it. That's what happened to one of our...

How To Use Remote Guard Service Client Portal

| August 08, 2018

We're excited to introduce a new client portal which is exclusively for remote guard service clients.

Over the winter months, we set out to improve the way you access information regarding your...