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When You Need Active Monitoring vs. Surveillance Cameras

| April 25, 2019

Preventing crime is a sticky situation. It's a balance between choosing the right tools and maintaining the right budget with the lowest amount of risk. So when you're deciding which route to...

Remote Guarding vs. Security Guards: What’s the Difference?

| April 23, 2019

Imagine how you'd feel if you showed up to work one day to find your office destroyed. Your walls are vandalized, your technology is stolen, and your employees are scared to come back.

Security is...

How Analytics Add Power to Surveillance Cameras

| April 18, 2019
“We’re stopping crime daily.” — Mitch Stiltner, COO at Alpha Video Surveillance

When you think about surveillance videos, you might associate them with blurry scenes that you only review after a...

Pioneers in Remote Guard Systems: A Case Study with Holsum Lofts

| April 16, 2019

Photo credit: Holsum Lofts

Sometimes, our biggest challenge is simply getting stuck in a rut of doing something because it's the way we've always done it. That's what happened to one of our...