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5 Questions To Ask When Considering Surveillance Systems For Your Business

| June 25, 2019

When your surveillance system is working effectively, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your property, or your tenants. When it’s not, it’s hard to think about much else.

The problem is,...

Finding The Right Fit: Case Study With Commercial Real Estate Owner, Gadi Hahamy

| June 18, 2019

Gadi Hahamy is no rookie when it comes to property management. The commercial real estate owner is responsible for nearly a dozen shopping centers in and around the Las Vegas area. Among his many...

Prevent More Crime: Maximize Your Video Surveillance Capabilities

| June 13, 2019

Imagine the following scenario:

You arrive at your business to find evidence of vandalism or burglary. So, you head inside your office to your security camera system and begin the hours-long...

Exploring The New Frontier Of Video Surveillance Technology

| June 11, 2019

We understand that keeping up with technology can feel like an overwhelming task. New advancements in security seem to come out at an exponential rate, and most business owners are left wondering...

Protect Your Business: 3 Easy-To-Implement Options For Increasing Your Security

| June 04, 2019

All too often, business owners look into getting a security system in reaction to an incident like a burglary or an act of vandalism. Of course, it’s a natural reaction. When something happens,...