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7 Questions Property Managers Have About Surveillance: Answered

| September 24, 2019

Property managers are expected to be jacks-of-all-trades. Successful managers must be fluent in facility maintenance, real estate transactions, landlord-tenant laws, customer service, and many...

How Surveillance Solutions Ensure Cannabis Compliance

| September 17, 2019

“...with so many new businesses and operations in the market in the U.S., the field is beginning to adopt risk management best practices that are even above and beyond the myriad compliance...

3 Budget-Friendly Options To Use Technology To Improve Your Business Operations

| September 12, 2019

Think back to a time when you held onto a cell phone, computer, or car for too long. After a while, you likely ran into problems that led to regular frustration. Yet, you figured that updating it...

Top 9 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Buying A New Security System

| September 10, 2019

Investing in a new security system, especially right after a crime has been committed, is a big decision. It can take hours of research and when you’re already emotional from the drama of a crime,...

Secure HOAs, Safe Residents: A Case Study With Integrity Based Management

| September 03, 2019

Homeowners Associations represent some of the trickiest properties when it comes to effective security solutions. Common areas like pools and clubhouses need to be secured overnight, entrances...