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Minimize Theft At Your Apartment Complex With These 4 Simple Tricks

| October 30, 2019

Apartment complexes are often targeted by burglars because they represent a high concentration of possible targets. They’re also a common site for “crimes of opportunity,” such as someone leaving...

Effective Managers Rely On Clear Communication: A Case Study With First Service Residential

| October 23, 2019

“Every day when I walk in the building, I don't know how that day is going to go, no matter how prepared I am for it, because there's just always something that you just can’t foresee.”

— Tiana...

5 Ways Property Managers Can Use Artificial Intelligence & New Tech To Make Their Lives Easier

| October 16, 2019

Take a minute to think about all the ways you rely on new technology to make your day-to-day routine a bit easier.

Security Trends That Will Transform The Apartment Industry in 2020

| October 09, 2019

As a property manager, staying up to date on the latest advances in security technology is just one of the many jobs you have.

How To Stop Illegal Dumping On Your Property

| October 02, 2019

When it comes to security, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about worst-case scenarios like break-ins and major acts of vandalism. But often, it’s the little crimes that are a bigger issue...