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Category: technology updates

5 Ways Property Managers Can Use Artificial Intelligence & New Tech To Make Their Lives Easier

| October 16, 2019

Take a minute to think about all the ways you rely on new technology to make your day-to-day routine a bit easier.

The Pros And Cons Of California’s Facial Recognition Bans

| August 20, 2019

Last month, Oakland became the second city in America to ban the use of facial recognition software by local government agencies, including law enforcement. Joining San Francisco, Oakland sought...

The Beginner’s Guide To Using Smart Search In Video Surveillance

| July 16, 2019

Picture a detective, sitting in a dark room surrounded by empty coffee cups. They’re staring at a TV that’s playing security footage from a parking lot, hoping to find evidence of a perpetrator’s...

Looking Into The Future Of Security Powered By Artificial Intelligence

| July 09, 2019
“Industry analysts agree artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on physical security market growth, particularly video surveillance.” — Thought Leaders Examine the Future of AI in...

Exploring The New Frontier Of Video Surveillance Technology

| June 11, 2019

We understand that keeping up with technology can feel like an overwhelming task. New advancements in security seem to come out at an exponential rate, and most business owners are left wondering...

Evaluating The Electronic Future Of Guarding Service

| May 09, 2019
“With an e-guarding system, security staff have access to more site and system information than ever before, meaning more options for response.” — Electronic guards: The future of manned guarding?

How Cloud Storage Benefits Video Surveillance

| April 10, 2018

The security surveillance industry has evolved over time. The major reasons behind some of the changes we have witnessed so far include the need to reduce costs and the desire for safer storage.


Remote Security Guard Service Is The Future

| September 06, 2017

In case this is new to you, picture some inanimate gadgets providing 24/7 video footage of activities around every nook and cranny of your property, assisting remote operators in notifying the...